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For the common “man in the street”, a thought is an “airy nothing”, a simple flash of consciousness, it comes, goes and has an end. However, for the student of Mind, thought is known to be the power that is greater than any other power, a force that controls all other forces. An American writer talking about Universal Mind says:

Think, and the suns take shape; Wants and worlds disintegrate; Love and Souls are born ”.

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Thus it will be seen that thought is the origin of the visible Universe. Everything we see around us is the result of thought. We can also go further and say that all the invisible forces, which keep the wonderful mechanism of the Universe functioning perfectly and smoothly, are none other than the thought energies of the Universal Mind itself.

As in the macrocosm, so it is in the microcosm; the subliminal mind of man is essentially the same as the Universal Mind of the Universe; the difference is not of type but of degree.

In our world, in our circumstances, in our life, in our bodies, we are supreme, or rather we have within us the power which, properly directed, can make us supreme. This power is “Thought”. Thought is so subtle, so elusive, that most men have found it impossible to control, but the greatest philosophers, seers and leaders in world history have known it differently.

All that you have achieved, you have achieved through the power of thought; and this was possible because they had mastered the art of thought control.

“What man has done, man can do.” This has never been as true as it is today, because the science of the mind is now spreading overseas, and it is now known that it is possible for fairly ordinary people to learn to control their thoughts is a scientific possibility.

Dr. Abrams in his historical book entitled “New Concepts in Diagnosis and Treatment; The practical application of electrotonic theory in the interpretation and treatment of diseases ”, describes how he discovered the energy of thought and measured it by means of an instrument called a Bio-dynamometer.

With one subject in a room with the doors closed and another subject in another room, forty feet or more away, it was found that one subject could influence the other through a definite thought exercise. The anger and emotion produced an energy that produced an effect at a distance of twenty five meters.

Dr. Abrams also discovered that there are three main energy centers in the human body, the left and right side of the brain, called the left and right psychomotor areas by him; and fingertips. When the brain is actively involved in thinking, it increases the discharge of energy from the psychomotor areas and also from the fingertips.

It was also found that ordinary people download energy from only one psychomotor area, but a great thinker downloaded energy from both. The amount of energy discharged in this way can be measured by the fact that Edward Markham, the poet, discharged energy only from his left psychomotor area equal to a resistance of sixty ohms.

Like the energy discharged from a giant magnet with a lifting capacity of 400 lbs. per square inch is only thirty-two ohms, we can get an idea of ​​the immense power of thought that man possesses.

The flow of energy from the fingertips is also suggestive. Throughout the ages the laying on of hands has been recognized as an act of healing, now it has been scientifically proven that it was simply the power or energy of thought.

Therefore, you will see that “thought”, far from being “an airy nothingness” or a mere flash in consciousness, is a wonderful and powerful force, the most wonderful and powerful force we know.

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