The Influence of Online Anime towards Children

Online anime has had a major impact on children’s development in Malaysia.
Therefore, this study examines internet animation that affects children in their daily lives.
Spirits. The study also looks at the impact of internet animation that contributed to the positive results.
Interaction in discussion between children. The study included 10 nine-year-olds
Classroom materials at a school in Putrajaya. Children were selected on the basis of
Experience watching cartoons on the Internet. Subjects were interviewed. They were in groups of
3 to 4.


Talk about characters, location, and stories of cartoons online
They saw it and the conversation was recorded and analyzed. The extracts were selected
Analyze and discuss it using the method of discourse analysis. He found that the subjects were
He was heavily influenced by the Internet’s cartoon characters, events and stories. They had been
Happy and guaranteed to be like the characters in the story. The animation is expected to be online
Able to positively influence children in their daily life.

Young people loved anime since the age of five.
Young adults, but also teens and adults. Anime was introduced by the Japanese
It consists of beautiful cartoonish graphics and has an accompanying argument. Japanese comics
It started with Manga where according to Brienza (2009) in Cooper-Chen (2011) there were 200
A million manga books in the Dragonball series originally published in Japanese by Shueisha
They were sold all over the world. Sales have increased since 2002 from 60 million to 210
Million in 2007, but unfortunately due to the economic recession, it decreased in 2008.
Due to the high demand for manga from 2000 onwards, animation was introduced online due to
World’s Most Wanted Reader (Cooper-Chen, 2010). It was great
He collected a number of anime series and there was also a large staffing of employees
Participate in drawings. There were also courses in Japan’s universities, especially
Major in anime. It really was a pivotal moment as he was lacking in talented animators.
Consequently, courses in this field have been offered. Until now, there was just no manga
But also the online animation was sold all over the world and a lot of the selected cartoons were sold
She moved on to drama and movies. Filmed in 1995, Hana Yori Danga. The
The same story is featured in Taiwan’s Meteor Garden (2001) drama series
They were famous with the handsome boys in Flower Four as the drama was later the same
Produced by Japanese Hana Yuri Danga (2005) and Hana Yuri Danga Riodes (2007).
From there, the same manga storyline was used in the Boys Over drama series.
Flowers (2009) from Korea where drama series have been accepted worldwide. Here you can
Manga and anime will turn out to be accepted regardless of the form of storybooks, dramas, or
Movies or even cartoons on the Internet (Richmond, 2009).
Umi Speech & Jin Chi Tang (2012) researched animation search on the internet
Anime like Doraemon and Pokémon were more popular in Taiwan and Indonesia. The
The results of the study confirmed that the popularity of anime in Asian countries is due to
The same cultural proximity. Umi Khattab and Jin Chi Tang (2012) also mentioned their conclusion
In animation and video games they weren’t 100% Japanese culture. It includes
The character, settings, and some elements of the anime were not suitable for the Japanese.

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