Download Anything Now A Days

Can you imagine what we will download in another twenty years? I mean, who would have thought that digital quality sound could be recorded fifty years ago? Now we routinely download entire albums of music in a couple of minutes to ipods that contain thousands of songs in space the size of a zippo lighter.

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What I wonder is what will we download in the future. We can get titles online now, which means we’re actually unloading our future, isn’t it? It sounds a bit funny, but it is true that in the future we will download our future. Will we download our works? I mean, more and more people are working at home, right? I could see that the next wave of employment will be over the Internet, where you never actually see your boss or maybe you see him in downloaded form. That would be a bit strange, right? It would be great in the sense that you could dress however you want and you could be making faces at the boss and you wouldn’t even have to be behind his back … … that’s unless your boss unloads you simultaneously. Strange!

Seriously, we unloaded our airline tickets and our boarding passes. Will we be able to download our passports also in the future? That would be very convenient, right? Or would it? Would it open all kinds of doors to identity theft that are currently closed in the non-digital system? We are all beginning to learn how dangerous it is to talk to people we don’t see. For example, all the men who stalk young children on the Internet would never stand a chance if children could see them. You defend the usefulness of judging by outward appearance, don’t you? I mean we all do it every day with every encounter we have. We are simply playing the numbers because we have to. Sure there are exceptions, but a terrorist is more likely to look like an Arab than another ethnic group, isn’t it? (Whoops, it would have been more correct to say that he or she wouldn’t.)

Probably the best thing I’ve heard recently that you can download is your TV. No more need for TIVOS, right? Kind of. If you download the program, you will be forced to watch commercials, even if it is less and from only one company per program. Do the benefits outweigh the costs? I think so in this case, but as we have seen, not always, is it?

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